About our company Moringa4More

The purpose of Moringa4More is to grow Moringa and make products from this tree, of extraordinary quality, which will bring more balance in health and nutrition to the world society.

The way we do it is based, mainly, on the superb qualities of the moringa oleifera tree – making it one of the most beneficial superfood on our planet.

In addition to that, Moringa4More  takes more charge of the whole process – from growing moringa plantation in our Kibbutz in Israel, through the planning and producing of the products, to the marketing of the end product- for more people in the world.

The moringa plantation in Kibbutz Ein-Hashofet is the newest addition to the kibbutz agricultural business sector, which started 77 years ago and is developing all the time.

Working in such a professional agriculture infrastructure assures the quality of the moringa cultivation as well as the quality of Moringa4More products.

4 thoughts on “About our company Moringa4More

  • elva

    Dear Sir or Madam:


    We are in need of Moringa seeds.

    Please offer us your best price on CIF Qingdao USD/MT, packing details, grade, lead time, quantity per 20’FCL, ETA.

    Best regards.



    • gilsagee Post author

      Hello Elva,
      At the moment we do not sell the seeds. We do sell the end products from the seeds and leaves as well as the fruit itself.
      As you can see in our web
      All the best,


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