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If you have not heard yet about the Moringa products, now is the time!

Moringa products are used as a natural nutritional supplement . Is a food additive but is also actually food, super food. it contains High nutritional values ​​more then any food on our diet and in addition it is known that Moringa tree is sometimes referred to three hundred diseases because it helps in the treatment and prevention of a variety of different diseases.

All parts of the tree are edible and we prepare them, by drying and extraction, a variety of products packaged and ready for use, each of which has special advantages:

Moringa oil

1 a feature of quality skin rejuvenation (antiAging)
2 contains anti-inflammatory and antiseptic propertieswhich help heal skin problems
3 is rich in vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids

Moringa fruit powder 100% natural 

1 rich in nutritional ingredients
2 contributes to maintaining the integrity of the body’s nutritional profile
3 Also packed in capsules for Easy consumption  

Moringa seed powder after oil extraction

1 rich in medicinalproperties and nutritional
2 makes it easier for a wide range of medical conditions
3 effective in treating fungal and bacterial infections and anemia

Moringa leaves powder 100% natural

 Moringa leaves powder is a real “nutritional powerhouse”  containing:

 Over 90 nutritious vegetable materials
 47 active antioxidant
 36 anti-inflammatories
 all eight essential amino acids
 multi-mineral supplementa multivitamin and a high percentage of high-qualityprotein.
2 strengthens the immune system

Moringa Tea 

 1 increases vitality and energy
2 contributes to mental focus and increased clarity
3 vegetable rich in antioxidants

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